Deux Amis, French for “two friends,” is the name of the collaboration brew between Brasserie Dupont and The Lost Abbey. This is the first time Dupont collaborated with another brewery, and I must say, the beer is just as amazing as the packaging!

To document this tasty collaboration, Total Beverage Solution hired Good Beer Hunting to document the collaboration in Belgium. Tomme, from The Lost Abbey brought American hops with him and Olivier, from Brasserie Dupont, used the hops and his signature yeast to create the outstanding American/Belgian Saison Ale.

After the video was created, we needed to find a way to bring our print advertisement to life. I recently attended a conference in downtown Charleston called The Southern Coterie where I learned more about bringing print to life through digital extensions. Libbie Summer’s was the speaker at the event and inspiration behind bringing print to life.

We wanted the ad to depict two men (the brewmasters) who just stepped away after tasting their collaboration brew and reminiscing over the experience. The picture of the two brewmasters is from the filming of the video, which you will recognize once you dive into the video. The copy brings two brewing styles together and allows the reader to find out more through our website about the collaboration.

Once we produced the ad, with the help of photographer, Teresa Earnest, I also created posters for all of the press events and helped develop the look and feel for all of the events.

This was an amazing project, and I am proud to be a part of this collaboration! Check out my work featured in Time Square, Beer Advocate, and Craft Beer & Brewing magazine.