Meet the Owner and Creative Director

Hi, my name is Morgan, and I am the Owner and Creative Director of KM Branding Studio located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  Building this studio was a dream of mine when I graduated from Clemson University, and I’ve finally had the opportunity to grow a dream into a reality.

Since today is National College Colors Day, I wanted to shape this post around the beauty of going to Clemson University and where it lead me in my career and business.

Through my years at Clemson University I learned the value of starting my career early on. The Graphic Communications program helped me develop and grow in the design industry as I conquered internships, TA positions, worked part time for Clemson University’s Campus Banner and Design and built my freelance business.

Clemson University prepared me for the real world and I began my career at Total Beverage Solution in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina building beverage brands.  During the next six years with this importer I helped build beer, cider, wine and spirit brands in the USA market. I brought marketing concepts to life through collaborating with brand managers and building visual communication tools that helped their sales force sell more product.

I had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool brands while I was there. To name a few: Braupakt: The collaboration brew between Weihenstephan and Sierra Nevada, Deux Amis: The collaboration brew between Lost Abbey and Saison Dupont as well as Brewers’ Bridge: The collaboration between Allagash and Saison Dupont.  All of these special collaboration projects helped shape me into the marketer and designer I am today.

After sinking my feet into the “real world,” I quickly realized I wanted to bring my skillsets to more than just one company—as I quickly saw the value in the work I produce.  So I set a goal to start my own business where I support other businesses by being their expert in visual communication for their product or service.

From my time at Clemson until I decided to spread my wings and run my own business, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the terrific network of people I’ve met over the years. So, thank you, to everyone who I’ve met and will continue to meet as my journey continues.

If you are interested in building your brand, and realize that you can’t “do it all,” or if you have an established brand that is in need of a brand refresh, contact us today so we can schedule a call to learn more about what you need.

KM Branding Studio specializes in logo design and branding packages, website design, packaging design, branded collateral, and we also set up retainers for larger companies that need some help in the design department fairly regularly. What I’ve learned is companies need a designer on their team, but they are not always eager or able to hire a designer full-time.

KM Branding Studios is the solution for product and service businesses who want to take their brand to new heights.