Why market to women in the CBD Space?

Did you know the CBD market is planned to be a $22 billion dollar industry by 2022? The CBD space is booming and brands are coming out of the woodworks. So, how do you stand out? What makes your brand better than the next brand? This, my friend, is the power of branding. With so many CBD products in the market and 55% of users being women, according to Brightfield Group. Marketing to women may be one way to stand out against your competition.

Just ask the founders of Sagely Naturals, Kerrigan Behren and Kaley Nicol how important branding is for their CBD product. They quickly realized the CBD space has a need for products marketed specifically to women, and now Sagely Naturals is a leading women owned brand in the CBD industry with major retail stores selling their products.

What are the necessary steps for building your CBD brand?

So now you know who you want to target, women. It isn’t that simple of a process. Besides sourcing credible cannabidiol, through a trusted source, you need to bring on a branding expert in the CBD space with experience marketing to women. This is key to developing the building blocks of the brand and launching the brand with a mission and purpose.

Why is CBD branding so important?

First of all, what is branding? Where do you start? Branding isn’t a logo. The logo is the foundation of the brand visually, but there are a lot of more pieces that need to be established before the consumer truly connects with your brand. Your brands tells your customers about your product and what to expect from your company. Your brand helps you stand out from your competitors by defining who you are. Your brand connects visually and emotionally with your customers, whether the consumer knows this or not.

Still not convinced creating a brand not just a logo will help you sell more? Ask the Recess CEO Benjamin Witte about his revolutionary CBD lifestyle product line. He believes in the power of establishing your brand emotionally to consumers, and CBD enthusiasts love it! He is not focusing on what is in the product, but how the product can change your life. Through his teams marketing efforts across multiple platforms, Recess connects visually and emotionally to their consumers.

You can’t say, “I want to start a CBD brand and market to women.” That is a great start, but what type of women are you marketing to?  What triggers their emotions? What do they love? What are the best ways to market to these women? What type of packaging appeals to these women? These are important questions to ask yourself while thinking about starting your own CBD business.

Why hiring an experienced professional is important in the CBD space?

The CBD space is in its early stages and navigating the space isn’t for all packaging designers. How the product appears online against its competition is key to stand out visually. You do not want to look like every other CBD product in the marketplace right now. That is why hiring an experienced designer in the CBD space is so important. The research that goes into developing the brand is vital to succeed in this space. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your brand vision/goals/wants/needs.

New to the CBD space and want to understand the basics? Keep Reading…

What is CBD?

CBD is a plant compound found in hemp ( …and other plants we eat everyday but CBD is most abundant in hemp). Hemp is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species that are grown specifically for the industrial use of its derived products.  CBD does not get you high. Hemp contains more CBD and less THC, while marijuana contains more THC and less CBD. According to the FDA, hemp derived products that contain no more than 0.3% THC are not considered “controlled substances” under federal law.