Packaging Trends in 2019

As we move further into 2019 there are four trends that beverage brands should be aware of as they create packaging or refresh their packaging in 2019.  Premium packaging, minimalistic design, sustainable packaging and e-commerce are four areas that will impact purchasing decisions of consumers, not only in the beverage space, but the CPG (consumer packaged goods) space as well.

Premium Packaging

Consumers love new options and ways to consume their beverage. Whether it’s purchasing the new Fiji water bottle cap, because it’s a new way to drink your fancy water, or trying a new vodka b/c the bottle is too beautiful not to have on your bar cart. Consumers are constantly looking for more premium products.

Minimalistic Design

The more minimalist the design, the more transparent a consumer feels the product is being with them.  Consumers are already on a health and wellness kick, and this trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The less confusing your packaging is, the easier it is to read and consumers will have a much greater chance at putting the product in their cart. Minimalism is key.

Sustainable Packaging

As the health and wellness trend becomes adopted into society, so is sustainable packaging.  People care more and more about their impact on the environment and as a brand, you have to remember this is an important decision that consumer make when choosing your product over another.  Is it recyclable? Is it reusable? These are questions you should ask yourself when creating your brand.


Designing for the e-commerce space is even more critical than the retail space. You need to attract consumers from a distance because they cannot touch or feel the product they have viewing. Their purchasing decision is solely dictated by the information on the screen. As a designer, it is important to make sure your design appeals to retail shoppers and online shoppers and the idea is not as easy as it sounds.

If you take into consideration the above packaging trends for 2019, your brand will have a much better chance of landing in a consumer’s shopping cart. When you are looking to hire a designer for packaging, make sure they are aware new trends and packaging technologies to help further your brand development.

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