Located in Charleston South Carolina, Pinckney Palm focuses on social media strategy. The owner, Erin, is a mom, wife, and small business owner. Her hard work to start her own business on top of having a family is the definition of what her branding stands for. So let me elaborate: You may remember from history class, Eliza Pinckney. She is considered one of America’s first agriculturists because she brought indigo to Charleston. Not only was she a female in the 1700s doing amazing things for South Carolina, but she also made indigo the second largest cash crop in South Carolina. What a creative way to honor a female businesswoman and really show clients how branding is at the core of your business model.

I am so glad we ran into each other at the Southern C Summit and formed such a great relationship. I feel very fortunate for opportunity to create all of her branding for Pinckney Palm.

For those of you interested in getting social media started for your company, make sure you contact Pinckney Palm for all of your social media needs.