Branding for the Alcohol Beverage Industry

Just when you think your design is ready to be delivered to the masses, TTB comes back with changes to your design which completely alter the way you are communicating the product label. You followed “their rules” and then your vision is smashed… has this ever happened to you as a designer?

 The TTB has strict guidelines that you must adhere to if you want your label approved. As an alcohol beverage designer, it is important to be up to date on the guidelines. These guidelines can be quirky and hard to understand, making you second-guess your decision to place the verbiage in a certain location.

 I promise the uncertainty will never go away. After six plus years working with alcohol beverage branding, I still feel like I’m playing Jeopardy when the label is submitted. At the end of the day when TTB has approved your label, all of your uncertainty goes out the door and you feel extremely fulfilled that the hurdle is over and you can prep your files for print.

Since there are a lot of products in the alcohol industry there are different rules and regulations for each type of product. If I wrote about all of them today, this blog post would be never ending.  So, I’ve provided quick links for all of the designers and future distillers, brewers or vintners to quickly reference.

Beer Labeling

Wine Labeling

Spirits Labeling

Cider Labeling

(fun fact, Cider and Perry products are regulated by TTB as wines.)


The beverage industry is an exciting and fun industry to be in, especially as a designer. You have to truly enjoy the challenge and take TTB rules into account when you are creating the brand image. Some of the hardest projects are absolutely the most rewarding.

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