Wellness trend pushes for healthier options in the food and alcohol beverage space

We’ve all head about the wellness craze. Consumers are seeking healthier options and substituting one food or drink for another. Who isn’t excited that people want to live a healthier lifestyle? With all the new brands coming to market and the new healthy low/no alcohol beverage trend growing, brands are finding ways to capitalize on consumer demands.

Substituting one snack for a healthier option

As adults start reading the ingredient list more carefully before they put an item in their cart, more brands are realizing that in order to not be placed back, they need to have a clean ingredient list that isn’t confusing to the consumer. If you are a new and/or emerging brand, you need a designer that knows what that demographic likes to see. Someone who is educated on the trends to be able and create the perfect package that sells. After all, there is always more than one of any product on the shelf, how do you expect to grab their attention, fast? This is what we specialize in.

Low to no alcohol beverages

It is no surprise, consumers now want options that are not packed with sugar and fizz for their low to no alcohol drink. For example, Diageo quickly discovered Seedlip and helped the brand grow rapidly. Yes, Seedlip is non-alcoholic spirits brand that is gaining fast momentum in the market. Diageo discovered early that people may not want to “feel the alcohol,” instead they want to enjoy the flavors the mocktail has to offer.

The spirits category isn’t the only beverage discovering ways to reach new consumers. The beer industry is pushing out new low to no alcohol beverage brands rapidly as well. One of our personal favorite brands is Weihenstephan. They ramped up with brand presence of there non-alcoholic hefeweizen this year, and their consumer base loves it!

With the spirits and beer categories bursting with new products, the wine category isn’t far behind. It’s no surprise, people like their wine, but sometimes one glass too many can lead to a pretty bad feeling in the morning. This is why more brands are releasing their low/no alcohol wines to the market. Town and Country released a great review of wines with no alcohol for people who are not sure what is credible and what isn’t.

Since so many alcohol brands are releasing their non-alcoholic drinks, brands need to remember this is the perfect opportunity to make sure all of your branding is not dated. It’s the perfect time for a slight brand refresh. If you are new to the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, you should really invest in a team that knows how consumers want to read about a product they see. After all, you only have a little bit of time to catch their attention. Invest in what catches a consumers eye and bring a product to market that makes it easier for your sales team to push the product into market. Take care of your brand identity and the ROI will take care of you.