Packaging Trends in 2020

As we move into 2020 there are four trends that CPG brands should be aware of as they create packaging or refresh their packaging in 2020.   Minimalistic design, recyclable packaging, corrugated packaging, and smart packaging are four areas that will impact purchasing decisions of consumers.

Minimalistic Design

The more minimalist the design, the more transparent a consumer feels the product is being with them.  This was a trend in 2019, and will continue to grow into 2020. The less confusing your packaging is, the easier it is to read and consumers will have a much greater chance at putting the product in their cart. Minimalism is key.

100% Recyclable Packaging

Sustainability was a trend in 2019 and will continue to trend throughout 2020.  People care about the environment and when they purchase a product, they care about what happens to the product once its life is over. Back in November of 2019 Starbucks released their reusable cup sets. Encouraging their consumers to reuse by giving them a small discount on their coffee for using the cups. Recycling isn’t only about throwing the package in the recycling bin, it’s also about finding a second life for the package.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging will continue to rise as more e-commerce brands sell more products online. Corrugated packaging is also a great replacement for single-use plastics, and as the use of corrugated continues to grow, some analyst predict the corrugated industry to become a $300 billion industry by 2023.

Smart Packaging

As the population grows and consumers purchase more and more products, analyst want to find more ways to please the customer. Some forms of smart packaging are: active packaging, augmented reality, QR codes and RFIDs. All of these applications capture data and help Marketers find better ways to bring in more happy customers.

Need a Packaging Refresh?

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